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JAS84 posted:
Horrible thought but as a limited hours service could they potentially look to do a deal with the remnants of the Local TV network and try and get on 7/8 on Freeview.
That's TV and the former Made channels maybe, but London Live is almost certainly a no-go, considering it's owned by another newspaper publisher.

I can't imagine why recently Lord Lebedev, enobled by his friend the former mayor of London would like to support a right leaning rival to the BBC...
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BBC News at One / Six or Ten to be axed?

So this is the senior management skill on display of a £340, 000 + pension BBC staffer. Fran Unsworth will be long gone before the facts of her 'strategy' and 'vision' can be tested

This reminds be of the decades of "video kills the radio star" inspired headlines. Nonsense dressed up as insight: throw in some talk of linear being over, maybe a netflix reference, or a buzzfeed fact and many a media manager aims for the converted "change consultant" role for bigger dosh.

Linear not important, so let's go on demand? How did BBC Three work out for you? Discovery is key in all media, and a linear channel offers that and will do so for decades to come. It's why both Amazon and Netflix have looked at making linear channels to promote their content in some world markets.

Radio still exists and performs to mass audiences - despite every song being available on devices most the audience has at hand. Why? Becouse people like curated content, decisions on what to consume taken for them, and they like discovery of new songs. They choose a brand that fits their needs and the rest of taken care of. TV is increasingly like that - less major drama appointment to view and more grazing of things like...lets see what Barb says.. Ah.. Live News.

More news and live events is the future, with long-life content such as drama and comedy promoted on a linear platform but consumed mainly on demand.

Sad this management strategy is at the BBC now. Setting direction of travel and making decisions now.

It should be looking at its most popular content and maximise how much of it is in the linear schedule. So that's more network news and more regional news not less. Looking a pure audience performance, the regional news at 6:30 should be reversioned for a full 30 min at 10:30. But that's never going to be a strategy the BBC would do. Not enough buzzwords nor the * right * type of viewer