The TV Room

The TV Room

What a fascinating read this thread is! Iím not going to address every comment that has been made but I will make a general statement.

Firstly, I rarely tune in to TV Forum these days and it has been some time since Iíve logged in. I did sign in briefly a couple of weeks back and answered a couple of private messages that had been sitting there.

If anyone wanted to contact me about the site, the best means of doing so wouldíve been via the site itself. For various reasons, I havenít been great at getting back to people over the past couple of months but at least I wouldíve had sight of the comments/offers.

I am of course tremendously grateful to anyone that has offered help/assistance with the sites.

I had been e-mailed about some of the comments that were appearing on here. However, I have a lot going on at the minute and didnít have a chance to sit down and read through the thread properly and write up a response.

I did not ask anyone to speak on my behalf here or anywhere else.

The current situation has arisen from the fact that I do not have the same amount of spare time to devote to TVR. Consequently, there is no way that I can ever get the sites to where Iíd like them to be. Itíd just be a constant uphill struggle, falling way short of visitorsí expectations. And I donít want to be spending every bit of spare time that I have slaving away on something that no-one really bothers looking at anymore.

In order to maintain the content properly and to the level that most visitors want (e.g., extensive video coverage) would require a substantial investment from me. The only way that Iíd be able to devote the required time to this is by giving up my job. However, thereís the small matter of loss of financial income. TVR would have to be run as a business and generate an equivalent amount of income.

Last year, various exciting opportunities for the site had been discussed. A lot of time and effort had been put in there. But, alas, nothing came of it all in the end. But I was lumbered with an expensive hosting package Ė the legacy of prep work for some exciting extra content (mainly video clips).

The good news is that Iíve agreed a new, much cheaper hosting package for the site and a hefty migration fee has been waived. So, the sites will remain online at least. However, I have no plans to update the sites further. The odd tidy-up may occur here and there but thatís about it.