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…and finally

I came here when I was a yoof, and in the last 16 years my appreciation of presentation and love of news/politics in general have been a self-perpetuating cycle. I'd go home and watch the news so that I could see the countdown! That is to say that I don't think I would be as informed an adult as I am now, if I hadn't been spurred on in part by this forum. I probably haven't contributed much in my 911 posts, certainly the early ones which seem to be rota/request focused ( Shocked ) but I've really appreciated the insight of many of my fellow contributors - thank you!

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The SNT Three

BBC Breakfast - 16th July onwards

I'm sure Stephs a nice person but I was never a fan. I much preferred the more subtle personalities of Declan Curry and Simon Jack who came before her. Come to think of it, I'm not really a fan of anyone on Breakfast these days apart from Charlie Stayt - I find them all far too egositical. Much rather watch Piers and Susanna on the other side.

They're all egotistical but you'd sooner watch Piers Morgan?? Surprised