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Discovery Closing Shed And Home And Health

Discovery tend to be very slow in updating their website, they've still not added Really here:

" Viewers SHOCKED as Discovery tease closure of Really channel "


I think they're just putting all their effort in to the Discovery+ website now.

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Channel 5 general discussion

Minus the new look I can't think of any significant changes to Channel 5 since Viacom took over, apart from Rylan becoming the face of it...

- the long awaited launch of Channel 5 HD on Freeview and Freesat
- double digit budget growth for new programming
- a raft of new high quality factual programming
- an original british comedy with Borderline, to join their original british drama Suspects
- an increase in viewing figures among 16-34 year-olds, and the only major free-to-air channel to grow audience share
- a return to profits
- the launch of Spike on all platforms
- the launch of 5STAR+1 and 5USA+1 on Freeview

Rylan is hardly the face of it, he only presents BBBOTS and had a limited run chat show. He is no more of a face of the channel than Emma Willis, Ben Fogle, Sian Williams, Alan Davies, Alex Polizzi or Eamonn & Ruth.