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The founding of ITV.

Latest post in Channel 4 pre-1993 regional opt outs

Time to give this thread an airing. We've seen on both here, and the tv breakdowns thread, about when TVS, and once another region, didn't quite get things right during an ad break in the early 80s, on C4. Was it ever possible, if something went wrong, for one ITV region to switch to the advert output of another ITV region, on a temporary basis?

No, the ITV contractor paid an IBA subscription for Channel4. If they failed to sell or play spots, C4's distribution feed had a 'follows shortly' slide relating to the current programme with a laid-back arrangment of Fourscore as a track. I assume that there was a seperate method of distributing timings and leaders into programmes for the ITV contracrors to know what was happening on the network feed. The distro as was, was publically broadcastable.

Daft as it is, I recall multiple 'follows shortly' C4 breaks where I felt sorry for Anglia having not sold spots.....
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Freeview - Spectrum Clearance and Technical changes

the transponders are not required if DSAT SD is turned off but I cannot see SKY being helpful by removing its existing SD only receivers .....

Does anyone have an idea what the population n of active Sky legacy SD only boxes often in little used rooms of Sky households? Sky"s only intetest in these could be as a potential target for SkyQ upgrade, but presumably the BBC have an interest in so far as it marginally extends their reach, in depth rather than count of households.

Surely there"s a cheap technical solution to replacing these with something that removed the need for SD D-DAT of PSBs.

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The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Thread

A good opportunity to post this:

What a thing to say about Cleethorpes.....