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Surprise Surprise (1992)

I remember saying to him some people would kill for these but he was ever so protective of them

I believe it - and it's insane that people are so protective of this stuff. Ultimately - it's music, and people get enjoyment out of listening to it. The part that I struggle with is that some of these serious collectors derive their own enjoyment from the "I have it, but you don't" aspect. Not saying that's the case with everyone -- but it happens quite a bit.

Whenever I contact composers myself, I always offer to pay for a copy of the works I'm requesting (and pay well, too) -- they don't create for free; and I don't expect them to hand over their work for free. Most ask me to make a donation to charity, and I do.

The most frustrating scenarios are composers who arranged tracks for game shows (or other TV productions) which haven't aired for many years, in some case decades, and the works are essentially lost to the sands of time. It's a great shame they're not available to purchase like every other entertainment medium. Licenses and all at play, yadda yadda, I get it. Just speaking out loud Smile

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Sit-Up TV in Administration

Incredibly upset to hear about the demise of bid today. I've watched it since my student days; and followed it religiously (sadly?) until about 2005. I had a pretty good back/forth banter with some of the higher-ups that worked there in the earlier years. This resulted in some of the master commissioned tracks being sent my way (some of them which I never leaked are available here now):

Including two full versions of the 2004 bid-up.tv track
- The original broadcast track with full end string (8mins)
- A junked track with additional instrumentation (can be heard from about 30sec into track)
-- 2004- bid-up.tv new concentrate 1.4 (junked).mp3 - cool track if you haven't heard it.

The four full master tracks from the bid.tv 2007 package is also included here.

I know quite a few of these ended up leaked/on youtube; but hopefully some of you would like a copy of the masters for a keepsake

(files ending.WAV are master tracks)

Enjoy, I'll leave it up for around 24hrs from the date of this post.