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Last Orders

Hey all,

I would love the SMTV underscore/bed that was used during studio links if anyone has it!

If anyone wants any sellytelly or quiz stuff, let me know. Smile

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Sit-Up TV in Administration

Incredibly upset to hear about the demise of bid today. I've watched it since my student days; and followed it religiously (sadly?) until about 2005. I had a pretty good back/forth banter with some of the higher-ups that worked there in the earlier years. This resulted in some of the master commissioned tracks being sent my way (some of them which I never leaked are available here now):

Including two full versions of the 2004 bid-up.tv track
- The original broadcast track with full end string (8mins)
- A junked track with additional instrumentation (can be heard from about 30sec into track)
-- 2004- bid-up.tv new concentrate 1.4 (junked).mp3 - cool track if you haven't heard it.

The four full master tracks from the bid.tv 2007 package is also included here.

I know quite a few of these ended up leaked/on youtube; but hopefully some of you would like a copy of the masters for a keepsake

(files ending.WAV are master tracks)

Enjoy, I'll leave it up for around 24hrs from the date of this post.