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The discussion here is nice, respectful and civilized (much more needed in politics), but I'd suggest that we keep political chat to a minimum. Some of the current conversation is justified as it's referring to social distancing measures in TV however let's not take it any further.
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This Morning

I’m liking seeing all the different points, but this is a TV Pres forum.

In the past, political opinions have been removed - let’s not turn this into Twitter.

I’m aware this issue is fairly relevant in the TV industry so that might warrant a discussion here, but I’m not sure that that’s what this forum is before. Especially when it begins to get nasty (it may not have yet but it could easily escalate).

I have no actual power on the Forum so can’t dictate to anyone what to do (nor do I have the right to do that) but I’d recommend we don’t get too political.