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…and finally

A big thanks to Asa from me. 20 years is a long time ago and so much has changed. Creating a site like this at a time when no-one else was doing it was innovative. Closing a site like this when it is so widely known and loved is also innovative!

It was a different time in 2001 when RealPlayer was the norm and Flash was only just starting to test a video codec. Yet the foresight Asa had was to overcome the initial dazzle of TV idents and work out that people wanted to talk about them. A lot. In real time. TV Forum was the first to give us anoraks a safe platform to share out history, knowledge, experience and in some cases poorly-informed opinion. In a strange way, TV is no different now to what it was in 2001. Digital Satellite with hundred of channels, the on-set of on-demand TV, and a constantly revolving door of change and idents and presenters coming and going. Most of the topics of conversation today were seen 20 years ago. To me this shows the needs of humans to be socialites testing the opinion of anyone who cared to share and sometimes wrongly abusing that opportunity to learn from others.

I suspect we might see Asa again in the future, the TV idents bug never leaves you! Thank you for many sleepless nights in reading the entertaining interpretation most people had to things I love.
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What happened to Night Time TV?

I think one of the best period's of nighttime TV has passed and that was with Quizmania 11 years ago! I don't think there is anything like this kind of programming now is there?

Worth mentioning on that clip you shared that a certain Asa from TV Forum phones in right at the end...