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CNN International & Domestic

And now they're back to Fred Whittfield.

Yup! I’ve access to both here in London and the circus does seem there is no break from domestic for International. I guess it’s assumed that would be the case.

Sling listings have Ana Cabrera to deliver 7 hours tomorrow - surely outdated.

Yes that's outdated by the looks of it. The Situation Room is on at the earlier time of 8pm (3pm-7pm US time) UK time tonight (International only showing the first 2 hours with filters after until midnight) and I think it's now updated anyway to show Ana from 4pm-7pm US time tomorrow.

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US ELECTIONS 2020 Coverage

Zero impartiality after the Trump dirge on CNN. While the panel may be correct about Trump, I wouldn't mind at least 5 mins of impartial analysis instead of the U.S. tv drama from the panelists.

Just report the facts.

The facts are that he is lying and they called out that as a fact because we know it's a fact.