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Have you been in a TV audience?

We did QI about eighteen months ago, the first I'd done at the new TVC, and what was interesting is that while on Alien Fun Capsule they were very security conscious and if people took photos they'd be told off and asked to delete them there and then, at QI people were happily taking photos pretty much right up to they did a take, it was all very relaxed and informal, certainly not how it used to be

It was the same when QI was still at TLS - the warmup actually encouraged it up until the moment Sandi and the teams came out. Best they let people get their pictures properly when the time suited, rather than trying to be all cloak and dagger about it, seemed to be the production team's view.
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ITV Wales to get new news studio

Still amuses me that they moved all the regions out of their studios the week before the most recent revamp, and all that ended up happening was a piece of blue on the desks and wood effect applied to the base. I know cost cutting is very much the watchword these days, but seriously - would a square desk per region really have hurt so much? Lose the side sofas, it'd've been fine....