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Where the daytime listings have been shortened and squished into a small box, to be fair they didn't ned any bigger. The same daytime schedule has been running for ages now. We don't need much room to explain what the programme is, when anybody knows what the programmes are. They ahve been worked into our lives. Either your never there to watch, or you've watched the programmes so many times we already know what's on.

The same could be said for the evening schedule, but they have continued with full listings from 6pm.

I think what probably annoys most of those complaining, is that the space previously used for daytime listings on the main 5 channels has been given over to even more recommendations, usually accompanied by huge pictures which rarely add anything!

They could still provide full daytime listings together with all their recommendations on the initial 'double page' for each day, just by losing or reducing the size of the pictures.
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Best and Worst Regional Titles and Themes

This one from Central is probably the most over the top, even for them
Slightly ruined by the weak voiceover at the end though.

Oh dear, that's awful. 'Presenters rotating' in a title sequence reminds me of the parody of programme slugs done on Family Guy many years ago . . . Shocked


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ITV Programming Thread

The ever popular 'Programme Title 1' is getting another airing on ITVBe this afternoon. However, in a scheduling nightmare for fans, the sequel is on ITV4 at the same time. Shocked