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rob posted:
Thanks for the welcome notification email, Rob! It’s all getting real and near!

With one absolutely colossal balls-up...

Two surely? Smile

Am both disappointed pre-registered people have to wait a whole month to login after launch but also pleased I'll be able to mark up the form with green ink and post copies off to you in the new, efficient 'report by post' system Smile

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Steve Founding member

…and finally

I think I probably speak for a lot of the founding crew that TV Forum has been a really important part of our lives for all these years.

We’ve grown up with it, it’s nurtured our interest in presentation and the way tv ‘works’ and it also helped us realise that we were not alone in having an interest and passion - and it’s hard to underestimate how important that has been at times.

The familiar names - Bail, Isonstine, Rob, to name just a few - it’s been a pleasure being part of the community with you.

To the insiders - whose insight is valued beyond words by 95% of us who share your passion, thank you, your posts are always a highlight.

To Asa - you’re a legend. Thank you for putting up with the rotas and the tantrums. As someone who briefly hosted the TV Home Forum in one of our great forum crashes in the early days, I’m genuinely proud to have been a small part of this site.

I hope someone can capture the best of this site and continue the discussion. But it genuinely will be the end of an era - for me, for many. And for a website that involves people chatting about the stuff that most don’t notice, that’s quite a legacy.