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Didn’t realise BeOutQ was off-air. Was there any finality to the investigations around who was behind it, where it was uplinked from, or any other interesting detail?

This is the most interesting report I have found about it, seems to show evidence it was from Saudi Arabia and not Cuba or Columbia (as claimed by beoutQ).

It's a technical report prepared by MarkMonitor for UEFA. Includes testing with 5m dishes and spectrum analysers to find which satellite is transmitting the signal. Opening up the boxes to look at the components, packet analysis and API call analysis of IPTV access as well.

Although beoutQ is gone (and has been for around a year now from satellite), it still put 100,000s of IPTV boxes into homes across Saudi Arabia with pirated content over IPTV from BeIN, OSN, Sky, Canal+ Netflix etc.

interesting though that it latest so long broadcasting with encryption on satellite, sometimes with its own added on commentary and studio analysis on re-broadcasts of BeIN Sports 1 - 10 channels. While at the same time all sorts of floating logos and anti-piracy methods were employed by BeIN on their broadcasts.

Example I recorded in 2018:


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BBC Scotland to launch new channel

When will the North West of England get its own channel with that sort of budget? After all our population is bigger than Scotland.