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ITV Schools on 4

Another thing was in 1989, when the Channel 4 daily launched, requiring C4 to extend the first interval, to have a still of the clock and music until 0927:50, when the rotomotion came in, until 1992, when it was changed, for the better in my opinion, to the rotomotion device with "SCHOOLS PROGRAMMES follow shortly". If you watched carefully, there was a small glitch, as TV-am made way for the regional companies at this time, which explained the extended interval, as that was the handover from TV-am selling the airtime to the local ITV companies.

Well it didn't really matter who was providing adverts for Channel 4 during schools programming at this time because there weren't any adverts to show.

The 9:25 glitches (and 6am, and 7pm/5:15pm in London) are exaggerated when you see the videos on YouTube, its an artefact of video recording. They wouldn't have looked anywhere near that bad in real time, in fact you would have probably struggled to notice a lot of them.

Yes. The most noticeable judder was often if you were watching teletext.

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Sky News

Aside from how it looks, the idea behind it is the sort of ‘word cloud’ you might come up with on an Away Day if the producers were asked how to describe Kay’s show.

‘People’, ‘hard-hitting’, ‘law’.

‘Basic furnishings’, ‘mugs on floor’.