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The Sky News Thread

Maybe she’s timing her departure from Sky News until after TVF closes. So let’s see at 00:01 tomoz
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Simon McCoy

Not a really important thing, but looks like someone decided to take the old BBCSimonMcCoy handle to make it look like its an official account when it doesn't seem to be, based on the tweets sent by the user not sounding like Simon at all.

I wish Twitter would prevent verified users from changing their handle or telling them that, if they change their handle, they have to create a new account in order to prevent scam accounts acquiring the old one. Sort of like what Ben Boulos did by creating a dead account on BenMBland so no one could impersonate.

It doesn't help in Simon's case that Twitter aren't doing anything about verified checkmarks any more since Simon changing his handle removed the verified checkmark which hasn't come back despite the fact its supposed to for previously verified users.

To be fair to Simon, Ben didn't create that account, I created it when I saw Ben changed his name to prevent this type of troll but obviously happy to send him password

This might indicate you have too much time on your hands