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Good Morning Britain in 2020

I suspect there’ll be some sort of update, given Kay Burley’s show is expected to have a revamp when she returns. Her show is probably GMB’s biggest threat right now and I expect them to start promoting it a lot more. Might be wrong, who knows.

Sky News’s ratings are so minuscule I doubt GMB see it as a threat whatsoever, though Kay does generate the odd viral moment (sometimes deliberately 😂😂)

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Sky News | October 2019 Onwards

But what is being rewarded? Emily Maitlis did a great interview, no doubt, but otherwise it was the 2 of them sat there talking. It hit the headlines because they captured the things he said.

It’s not just the’s the getting. No one got close to persuading him to do anything similar. For the two of them to be er ‘sat there talking’ it took some incredible journalistic zeal. I think a few people on here watch vast amounts of news, but don’t necessarily get what ‘news’ is (and I appreciate this is a pres forum of course).