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The BBC under threat from the government

Ian B posted:
The License fee cannot be justified in a market that is increasingly favouring subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, both of which do not require a TV license.

Yes there are parts of the BBC that are not competitive and would likely be forced to close if they became commercial.

Your second paragraph contradicts your first.

Are amazon prime or netflix going to set up a local radio station in my town that covers local news, sport and community events? The commercial station moved to Buckinghamshire then London to cut costs and the company that owns the local newspaper is heavily in debt and could go pop at any second.

The license fee is only a problem because somebody decided it was rather than the other issues facing the country. Yeah you could hide the cost away in general taxation and hope that keeps angry people on social media happy but let's face it, even if the BBC is gone they'll still claim the media in this country is too tory/"leftie" and will never be happy.

There is no contradiction. Services that would be commercially viable such as BBC One or Radio 2 would be funded by advertising or subscription depending on the needs of the service and its audience. Services that would not be commercially viable such as Radio 3 or perhaps your local radio station could be funded by a grant-in-aid from the government instead of the license fee. Nobody with any brain cells would expect Amazon or Netflix to run a local radio station.

I do agree with your point about it not really being a pressing issue compared to others and you are right, whatever happens not everyone will be happy about it.

The whole point of the licence fee is to fund programmes and services that would not be commercially viable .

Any comparison with Netflix is always going to be fatally flawed.

Yet much of the BBC output WOULD be commercially viable and is competitive against commercial alternatives already. Strictly regularly trounces the competition in the ratings. I very much doubt that would change if there were commercial breaks during the programme.

I was not comparing the BBC to Netflix. The market seems to becoming more subscription based and moving away from broadcast television as ratings continue their downhill trend. The government is not going to force people to pay the license fee to watch those subscription services, as it would open a whole can of worms surrounding sites like Youtube, you'd need a license fee just to access the internet and that would go down like a bucket of cold sick.

So either they stick with the status quo and just allow the BBC to slowly die through the loss of fee payers or they free the BBC from the shackles of the License Fee and allow it to sink or swim in the commercial arena. With the BBC continuing to produce PSB programmes with funding directly from the government, with as others have said, 'safeguards' in place to prevent the government of the day snatching away the money when they dislike the current editorial stance.

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ITV Weekend: V5

This is incredibly frustrating.

I want you to be better. Every time i see you've posted something new i think, maybe this time he will have listened and learned from what experienced members have posted, and every time i am met with crushing disappointment. Or perhaps you need more help than we are able to give. I dont know and this all just adds to my frustration. I wish some of the good quality mocks could somehow rub off on you.

Your sketchup modelling skills do seem to be slowly improving, which is proof that those who told you to spend more time working on your mocks were right. Patience is a virtue and everyone gets better with practice.

Unfortunately you still have absolutely no clue when it comes to design. This is probably because you have split your time between different disciplines and thus havent given the vector graphics the attention they needed. I'm guessing you're still using Powerpoint, which as has repeatedly been stated is absolutely insufficient for this sort of work. It may be better if you used another piece of software to create your graphics and animate them in Powerpoint.

I recommend you get yourself a free copy of Inkscape, which is a vector graphics programme not too dissimilar to Adobe Illustrator (what all the pros use) and learn about colour theory, font theory and how to design vector graphics. (Google is your friend O.o) Most of us on here started with Still images before some of us progressed to animation. I'm sure you would also find it very satisfying having the ability to design your own textures and graphics to use in your studio mocks.

Also - Why not use your existing skills to design some 3d graphics or a title sequence in Sketchup? You may learn something new that repeated studio mocks arent teaching you.

I still dont understand why you continue to produce mocks for imaginary programmes. Its like producing an advert for a product that doesnt exist. There are people who disagree with me for it, but i see designs for imaginary programmes as a critical failure. You could easily have done one of the many bazillion other Breakfast TV shows that exist around the world if you didnt want to do GMB.

It is clear to me that you currently lack the skills to improve this mock, which is why i havent gone into specific things to improve. You're asking for a plaster and what it needs is major surgery.


*NOTE: If you do not plan to comment on the mock itself, please do not comment. If you have a personal issue to raise, please PM me instead of ruining another thread. Thank you.*

Members have the right to comment how they see fit, it is a forum, thats how it works. It is for the Moderators to decide if members are 'ruining another thread'. Also for the record, I have no personal issue with you. I merely find your apparent inability to take advice and lumbering progression incredibly frustrating. This post has taken me over an hour to write and edit, If i did not care about you or your designs i would not post at all. I sincerely want you to get better.

PS. If you would like my advice before you post your next mock PM me - as others have in the past - i would be happy to help if i can.