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Sky News presentation - New studio onwards

What new stuido? I thought that was hogwash?

Before a big row blows up, I never said the notion of a new studio (in addition to the glass box) was hogwash, only that what was described by somebody was way off-base. As for the date, I think it would be wisest not to comment.

Nice seeing everybody!

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Eamonn Holmes to leave Sky News

Thursday, October 13 is Eamonn's last day, according to the Guardian.

New studios from Monday, October 17?

Not even close on that second point, I'm afraid.

I'm happy for Eamonn that - for once in his life - he won't have to endure super-early starts every day.

Though it was only for a year, having worked with and learnt from one of the masters of the craft of live current affairs broadcasting will remain a true career privilege.

I'm minded to share one particular anecdote about our time together. I was about six weeks into my job at Sky and Eamonn was trying to squeeze the recording of some promos into an ad break for me.

He did two takes and turned to me, saying: "I thought that was a bit crap. Do you want me to do that again?"

I felt his delivery had been perfectly fine, but here was the doyen of breakfast TV asking a relative newbie if he could do his job better to give said newbie a better product.

I muttered something about him being the best judge of that, but he insisted that as the producer, it was my call. For the record, I didn't ask him to do it again, but that tiny incident was emblematic of Eamonn's devotion to doing right by Sunrise and its team. I know they'll miss him, and so will I.