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Sky News presentation - New studio onwards

What new stuido? I thought that was hogwash?

Before a big row blows up, I never said the notion of a new studio (in addition to the glass box) was hogwash, only that what was described by somebody was way off-base. As for the date, I think it would be wisest not to comment.

Nice seeing everybody!

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Sky News: Presenters & Rotas

Martin is one of the loveliest, most-effortlessly-smooth broadcasters I've ever met or worked with.

For the last 18 months, I've had the pleasure of producing a programme called "World News Review" each week, on which Martin has been by-far the most-frequent presenter. It's mostly distributed to Sky's international syndication partners, but has only rarely been seen on TV in overnight slots when the erstwhile Debate programme was off-air, or if for some reason we couldn't show the CBS Evening News.

But the programme's relative obscurity never mattered to Martin, who would come in during the 11:30 half-hour when Sky Sports takes over on a Saturday morning and just breeze through the links I'd written him (to go between the week's best VTs) with an easy and charming aplomb, and even when he made the (very) occasional fluff, he would always defer to me in terms of how to correct it, even though if he'd wanted to, he could've rewritten the entire script while standing on his head.

In short, he is a total pro... and I shall miss him enormously, as - I'm sure - will the audience who've enjoyed him as a regular presence in their news diet for as long as they've been watching Sky.