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Sky News presentation - new newswall

Not sure if anyone captured it - but the 6am sunrise toth had a different theme tune - possibly a test or mistake? But it sounded like the previous theme tune with a bit of a remix.

Not as far as I know!

It was definitely something different - possibly a mistake then - but it was a remixed version of this:

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Sky News: Presenters & Rotas

Quite disappointing that Sky haven't sent a senior anchor, like Andrew Wilson, over to Kiev to cover the revolution; the BBC have sent over Tim Wilcox.

Tim Wilcox isn't a 'senior' anchor, he's a stand in at best. Sending in a anchor adds nothing to the program, someone who is based there is sufficient.imo.

It does allow the local correspondent(s) to spend their time finding stuff out rather than being tethered to a satellite truck though.

But thats why they have 'senior' correspondent David Bowden there to work alongside Katie Stallard to bring us high quality and comprehensive coverage.

But with the rapid developments of this story, with multiple breaking news pieces every hour (as was the case yesterday), it would make more sense to anchor the programme from Ukraine so those back here in London can get an immediate sense of the reaction from the crowds as well as getting the two correspondents down to the crowds to interview some of the the protestors or be interviewed by the anchor on location. Just like what happened rather successfully in Egypt this year.