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BBC One Record Low Rating

The timeslot scheduling is a mess. Tuesdays at 2100, Wednesdays / Thursdays at 1930, and there will be another two episodes at 2045 on Monday… Rolling Eyes

It's being thrown around the schedule even more in the nations. Episode 3 got a 40 minute slot, and yet BBC Wales still managed to find a way to chuck it over to BBC Two, in order to keep the last episode of a magazine show that has otherwise run in 30 minute slots on BBC One. Similarly Episodes 4 and 5 combined have a 75-minute slot on Monday night, but they've been pushed after the news so that "Katherine Jenkins' 40th Birthday Show" (dear God) can go out at 9, preceded by a 15 minute filler.

I know Talking Heads isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but for a high-profile drama commission, the scheduling is nuts.

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BBC One 2016

A minor playout error on BBC1 Wales earlier, very nicely recovered by the announcer ad-libbing on the spot: