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TV Forum Memories

Well this thread fell flat! I suppose most of us are including memories etc in the “...and finally” thread.

I don’t have a favourite or one specific memory, but Tumble Tower’s running commentary on Children in Need, Comic Relief etc is memorable for all the wrong reasons. And the videos he uploaded of him dancing to Boogie Beebies and/or Eurovision. Bless.

The “Networked ITV - 1980s and before” thread - and similar ones - were fascinating. I have genuinely learned so much from those in the industry who shared anecdotes and detailed explanations about how it all worked back then.

How did I discover the forum initially? I was chatting to a friend/contact about library music, particularly the fact an ITV Schools track turned up on an ITV trail, and also asked if he knew where I might find information about Channel 4’s break/intermission music from the 80s and he pointed me to this forum. I think he actually asked some questions on my behalf before I joined. I didn’t even have a computer back then.. and this was 2003! Anyway, thanks Jason (username 7 Network).

Looking back on some of my early posts it’s surprising how much the “tone” of my posts seems to have changed. Maybe I’ve changed more than I realise in 18 years. I was in my early 30s when I joined - next year I’ll be 50. Eek! 😲

I won’t say goodbye and sign off because there’s every chance I’ll see a thread worthy of commenting on before the plug is pulled later today! But I will, once again, say a big thank you to Asa and his team of helpers, past and present, and to all fellow members for keeping me informed and entertained. Hope as many of you as possible will continue to do so over at TV Live Forum.

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BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

Can't they just show this for half an hour?


The guy on the right is apparently now the head of BBC Presentation.