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Shaun Linden

Government to hold daily UK televised press briefings

It makes no difference on time and days. If they are doing it like the US, it's just going through the motions of government and any questions from the press. I don't think Labour would be happy as it will inevitably a daily Conservative Party promo board.

Due to the nature of government work it would also be impossible for the PM to host something like that everyday.

The monthly big press Q&A Blair and Brown used to do were much better.

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Shaun Linden

Sky News: Presenters & Rotas

Good news about Sam Coates. I still maintain that Sky shifted to the left with the appointment of Faisal to help with the sell off and regulatory issues.

Hopefully, a move back to the centre now with Rigby and Coates at one and two.

Sorry but I think that's a lot of tripe. Sky didn't move to the left with Faisal. Maybe you just moved to right...

Indeed. Faisal has been praised over the years for his reporting at Sky News. I don't know who said it but it's true that if you get both left and right saying you're bias then you're doing your job.