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The Chase | Beat the Chasers

UBox posted:
Score is right, S3 and the Celebrity Specials were filmed separately to S2 and Paul is missing throughout S3. They probably had thousands of applicants to use and with BTC they could always head-hunt some former Chase contestants for the 'grudge-match' games. S4 is already set to film later in the year and will feature all 6 Chasers.

Thought so, thanks for confirming. Yeah they'll have had thousands of people to choose from, no need to do another call-out.

Are we expecting all 6 Chasers to appear on each show, with a money ladder and set tweak, or some sort of rota with each chaser missing a show or two?

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Coronavirus - Impact on live/recorded shows

Rolling In It was recorded in April 2019. So has been in the can a while. It's been scheduled for Q3 2020.

ITV have Alan Carr's gameshow & The Voice Kids but not sure if the latter finished recording. There might be some celeb Catchphrases & Celebrity Chase's still to air.

BBC One should have Holly & Bradleys show which was recording before lockdown. I guess the Little Mix singing show has been cancelled.

Yes Rolling in It has been scheduled for Q3 2020 for a while. Over a year on the shelf and what looks like a July launch doesn’t inspire confidence. I imagine it was always going to air as they’ve been looking for a sponsor but Pop Bitch might be referring to the long time on the shelf. Or that they filmed 6 episodes but only appear to be showing 5 based on the sponsorship page.

The semi final of The Voice Kids was recorded the same weekend as Ant & Dec’s last show with an audience so they just got that one over the line. Live final won’t be until late August/September so they should be able to make something work by then.

I believe there are:

10 x Celebrity Chase
10 x Tipping Point: Lucky Stars
5 x Celebrity Catchphrase

Still to air. Those are also shows that don’t really need the audience so could get back up and running relatively quickly if they need more. As is Millionaire which will have no episodes left once the upcoming stripped week is done. There’s also the 7 x 30’ series Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family which was taped last August and is due in the Summer. Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow was due alongside BGT but looks to now be taking over the slot once BGT is done.

Holly and Bradley just about got over the line but is only 4 episodes and a show based around people jetting off around the world might seem a bit tone deaf for a little while. Little Mix already recorded their auditions but it sounds like the whole thing has been delayed. My guess is that it’ll take The Greatest Dancer’s slot next January now that has been axed.