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BBC One Christmas 2019

Here’s the first showing of the BBC One Christmas ident, courtesy of BBC One Yorks and Lincs this morning:

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The 'Victoria Derbyshire' Programme

I didn't watch today but just thought I'd have a quick look now on iPlayer. One of the things that really annoys me is how VD constantly talks about how wonderful the programme is. Let us be the judge please! She constantly, nauseatingly keeps telling us the 'films' are 'beautiful' and we 'will want to share them'. Well actually, I won't. Apparently the the first 'film' today was 'incredible' and the most moving thing VD has ever seen about Alzheimer's. Other 'films' are going to be 'lovely, lovely' apparently. And by the way, they're not films, they're just reports!

I honestly don't understand why the BBC think so highly of VD? She was a local radio presenter who got a job at 5 live and massively punched above her weight. Now there seems to be no getting rid of her and she's sucking away BBC News resources for something watched by as many people as watched a signed repeat of Helicopter Heroes last week, despite huge promotion.