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No music into tonights Ten, straight to Huw and then to the first report!

Does the lack of headline sequence mean it will finish early?

Mod note: This thread is being closed as there is now a general election, and presentation related discussion relating to the election can be found at https://tvforum.uk/thenewsroom/xmas-general-election-presentation-44963/. By all means create a new Brexit presentation thread after the elections if it's appropriate.
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BBC News (UK) presentation - Reith launch onwards

Interesting view of the balcony studio at 18:12 on the Six. Looks as if the screen has been replaced with a new flat screen. It was being used for a report on Lebanon.

Doesn't look touchscreen either - does that mean Outside Source will remain one C?

Or two D? 😉

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Unflappable Reporters/Anchors/Presenters

Martine Croxall - BBC News. The whole studio could collapse and she would instantly find a witty way to get through it.