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BBC Afternoon Live

Does anyone have the headline bed music for Afternoon Live on the BBC News Channel?

If you go back a few pages -I don't know which page or how far back- someone posted a link to a MEGA file full of BBC News themes including afternoon live.

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Good Morning Britain

I once found a instagram video from a guy who helped ITV film them. I have no idea if the video still exists but in the video it was a typical cloudy, rainy day. He said they later had them professionally edited by Coffee & TV with the program Smoke.

From Coffee & TV:
“We needed to deliver 2 versions – a 6am version which reflected the warm glow of sunrise across the city and an 8am version which was designed to portray a much clearer blue sky.” said Truss, “This was quite a challenge as we were using the same footage for both versions with 2 shots that had been filmed on different days, but both typically grey London days so I had to use atmospheric lighting and sky replacements in order to achieve the desired result.”

You can see the project details here: