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William Simons has died

Heartbeat should have been axed years before it was really - it was just going through the motions once it got stuck in 1969.

And even though it was technically stuck in 1969 for years, it was a sort of mishmash of different parts of the 60s happening at the same time. So you had things like man landing on the moon and steam trains on the railways co-existing.

Funnily enough, that railway line closed in 1965 (re-opening in 1973 as a heritage railway). Heartbeat did run 30 years in parallel for the first few series-- up until the series shown in 1999-- then timeline got 'stuck' in 1969 thereafter.

I seem to remember William Simons had a recurring part on Darling Buds Of May too, as a Ventrus-esque character.

Jim Bowen shuffled off this mortal oche on 18 March last year... though that could be a rumour spread by the Vatican.

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Saturday Night Takeaway 2018

Jon posted:
RDJ posted:
Scarlett is better than Mulhern. But not by much. I find Scarlett annoying and Mulhern too cocky..

His cockiness is very much an act, especially considering he's nothing like that in any other of his presenting gigs.

It's hardly subtle, is it? It's the fact he's so dull in the first place they had to create that character for him.

I've met Stephen Mulhern a few times; he's fun to chat with, a good laugh, bright and far from dull in my experience. The 'cockiness' thing is indeed an act for the show: He bigs up his role on the show to ostensibly wind up Ant & Dec; given that's the joke, it's not meant to be subtle. Off-camera he's not cocky at all, I've found him to be down-to-earth and a top bloke.

With regards to Scarlett Moffat, I imagine she'll stay with the programme... she's managed by a certain James Grant Media.