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New BBC Local Radio jingles

BBI45 posted:
Also even though it's one of the "nations" stations, BBC Radio Scotland is also getting a new Reith-ed logo.

Sorry if it's big but you get the idea. Happened to have found this on the Sounds website
Radio Ulster and Radio nan Gaidheal are possibly going to be Reithed next.

Heads up to anybody who can't see it, it's an entirely white image. Switch to dark mode.

That logo looks quite nice. I wonder if/when we'll see new logos for the national stations.

They've just announced the launch of a new stream (definitely not a station or channel!), Radio 1 Dance, and the logo, which can be seen here: fits into the existing format, just about, so it doesn't look like any change to the national stations' logos is imminent.

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Robert Williams Founding member

BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

2. Retaining the globe symbol for BBC One was seen imperialistic and a relic from the days of broadcasting to the British Empire.

Seen by whom? What percentage of the viewing public actually remembers the British Empire?

The British Empire was formally dissolved in 1997, so not that long ago.

Wasn't it The Brittas Empire that ended in 1997? Very Happy