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…and finally

Can I just say that as one of the older members of this forum, I have been so interested to see that many of the posters on here were and are so young. For me that is wonderful, it is not just us older ones who could be stuck in the past, but a whole new group of people who are interested in bringing things of interest to viewers and listeners now and in the future.

Well I was 24 when this forum started so I'm not sure I counted as one of the 'younger members' even then, I very much suspect I don't now!

I’ve had an interest in idents, logos & graphics and the ‘behind the scenes’ of TV from a young age, and enjoy(ed) browsing sites like TV & Radio Bits (to my year 6 teacher’s bemusement!)

Heartening to see this having been mentioned a few times - I was the one who used to run that site, and I'm amazed people still remember it 13 years after it closed! For those who aren't aware, I have more recently put some of the material back online, although not being regularly updated:

Back on topic, and this might be my last post on this forum - but then again, it might not be!

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BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

2. Retaining the globe symbol for BBC One was seen imperialistic and a relic from the days of broadcasting to the British Empire.

Seen by whom? What percentage of the viewing public actually remembers the British Empire?

The British Empire was formally dissolved in 1997, so not that long ago.

Wasn't it The Brittas Empire that ended in 1997? Very Happy