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BBC Four to become archive channel (p15)

Bringing back BBC Three as a linear channel would be absolute madness at this stage. The success of RuPaul's Drag Race shows young people do indeed watch programmes on iPlayer in their millions, if you make programmes that appeal to them and promote them successfully. If anything, the BBC Three and Four "brands" should be killed completely.

The next issue of course is if BBC3 came back and BBC4 remained where would they go on the EPG, with BBC3 having sacrificed it's slot to local TV in most areas on Freeview meaning it would play second fiddle to That's TV. IIRC BBC1 HD was bumped up the EPG on Sky, though not sure what happened on Cable.

Bring back BBC Three and make it the national spine these local stations should have had in the first place?

Spot on ‘trivialmatters’, bringing back BBC3 would cause more confusion than anything. Both BBC3 and BBC4 need to be put out of their misery as brands in my opinion, use the stronger i-player brand instead for streaming programmes. As for BBC2 even in these days of multi-channels and streaming, a channel nearer the start of the EPG is more likely to gain viewership. If this channel is stronger through the closure of BBC3/BBC4 then so be it.

As for ‘Whataday’s comment on making BBC3 the National spine, not exactly matched well in content are they? Mind you the Local TV network is just pants and should be scrapped completely as a good idea executed badly.

Edit - With potentially dwindling resources for both parties I wonder if the BBC and ITV would be approved by Ofcom to collaborate on a Children’s TV channel instead of the separate branded CBBC/CITV? Collaboration is key for a new age of British made PSB programming in my opinion and Ofcom needs to see this now...not in 20 years time!

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BBC 3 Rebrand for online switchover?

Nothing mentioned by the BBC Trust has indicated that the BBC Three brand would disappear, so I'm not sure why people think BBC Four would be an unsustainable numeric in the 'family of channels' on offer (especially as it started when BBC CHOICE was still broadcasting).

Having 'one', 'TWO', 'Three (online)' and 'FOUR' is no more illogical than ITV removing the numeral from their premier channel and yet retaining 2, 3 & 4.

I'm sorry but I disagree. ITV comes before ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4. BBC3 comes half way through a sequence of BBC channels. I really feel both BBC3 and BBC4 should have been rebranded. Though to be honest will BBC4 also disappear in the near future? Wink