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ITN Nostalgia

This clip is from August 2002 and I really have no recollection whatsoever of the old 1995 summary in sting being used as late as this. Was this normal for weekend summaries or just a mistake? I thought it had been retired when they finally stopped using Studio 3 for the overnight bulletins in 2000.

Incidentally, I think that sting is my favourite ever for ITV News summaries. I don't think the 1999 replacement sting was as good.

I don’t remember this either. Talking of ITN cockups, however...


Taken from the ITV Morning News on the first day of “National” continuity in 2002. (Look at the ITV logo on the last picture),

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Elections 2019

It's one of those infuriating "inbred posh people" things. (Let's ignore what sounds certain letters of the English language are actually supposed to make, and pronounce this name in a way that is at odds with the letters that are actually sodding well there) Rolling Eyes Thumbs down

It's a bit like when "St. John" is pronounced "Sin-Jun" (as if having a middle name that is prefixed with "St." isn't bizarre enough anyway, regardless of pronunciation!) "Sin-Jun's Ambulance", anyone?

I might start insisting that "David" is pronounced "Sebastian", or something...

It's not posh at all...it's just a Scottish thing.

And it was previously spelt Menȝies, it’s just that “ȝ” (the letter yogh) doesn’t exist in English (or Scots) any more and has been replaced by “z” in spelling.