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Anglia & Meridian 1999/2000

Good questions. Instead of answering them, though, could I ask another... Do we know the start / end dates for when Anglia and Meridian (and perhaps others) added an 'itv' logo to their pre-hearts idents?

These seem to be very rare online - I've only ever seen screenshots.

For the Anglia flag, the tiny 'itv' logo was added to the top left of the flag.

Logically this would have been the same time the Carlton hearts idents, which also had the ITV logo on them...

I know that Anglia were doing it by early July 1999 because I was at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone that year (with a pocket tv) and they had it on then.
Don’t think they ever had the 1989 logo on their idents so it would have been sometime between October 98 and July 99. That doesn’t narrow it down a lot sorry! I have seen it online, however I can’t seem to find it now

As for Meridian, there is this video from November 98 featuring their ident without an itv logo:

but this one which seems to be late August 99 has the logo.

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Elections 2019

It's one of those infuriating "inbred posh people" things. (Let's ignore what sounds certain letters of the English language are actually supposed to make, and pronounce this name in a way that is at odds with the letters that are actually sodding well there) Rolling Eyes Thumbs down

It's a bit like when "St. John" is pronounced "Sin-Jun" (as if having a middle name that is prefixed with "St." isn't bizarre enough anyway, regardless of pronunciation!) "Sin-Jun's Ambulance", anyone?

I might start insisting that "David" is pronounced "Sebastian", or something...

It's not posh at all...it's just a Scottish thing.

And it was previously spelt Menȝies, it’s just that “ȝ” (the letter yogh) doesn’t exist in English (or Scots) any more and has been replaced by “z” in spelling.