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…and finally

Goodness. Unexpected but respected.

Having been a lurker since the age of 11 and a fully fledged member since 13, I’m now in my 30’s and think I’ve at least visited this site close to nearly every day for those 20 years.

TV Forum made me respect and fascinate over the art of UK broadcasting at a young age both in it’s current form and in its past.

Whereas I feel the recent rules on mega threads and rota talk has erred too much on the strict side and at times appeared to be a little overzealous in my own personal opinion, I can fully appreciate and do still firmly believe that this forum has only ever wanted to get the best contributions from each and every member. And I can certainly say I’ve very much enjoyed and felt at least comfortable here for the first 19 out of the 20 years as a member on here.

Asa - Thank you so much for all you did on these forums. Your hard work has brought much enjoyment over the years to bring together everyone to discuss something we all have a common interest in - and thanks to the mods as well.

After 3,279 posts - it’s goodbye from me and best wishes to everyone.

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