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I watched it sometimes then didn't watch it then sometimes watched it again then didn't on one Saturday as I was washing my hair, then I switched over one weekend watched it.. wondered what it was all about and didn't watch it again.
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Of course, John Barrowman was the third host in the first series, but he's since said that the production team weren't especially interested in having three hosts and they struggled to find stuff the three of them could do together without one of them being a bit of a third wheel, but seemingly it was suggested from above as a way to differentiate it from Going Live.

I think also, John was also too occupied with his theatre work so they often had to go live to where he was performing that week. I think this helped in the decision that he wasn't needed.

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I brought the BBC News Set..

Would make a nice drinks bar! "Now the booze where you are..." Wink