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Surprise Surprise (1992)

I've been after a full quality version of this for years, I don't think it was ever released commercially as with a lot of Ray Monk and Trevor Brown's music. Ray also seems very peculiar with his arrangements being released even on the internet! It's a shame as he's one of the best light entertainment composers in the business, up there with his predecessor, the great Alyn Ainsworth. That said, he's entitled to preserve his material I guess.

Of course the original 1984 version by Kate Robbins, still tends to be the theme everyone thinks of when it comes to Surprise Surprise and was released on Cilla's 'Surprisingly Cilla' album. Here's a strange remix of that:

But for a generation of anyone under 40, the latter 1992 'Life is full of Surprises' arrangement is what comes to mind but is strangely absent from cult circles.

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I brought the BBC News Set..

Would make a nice drinks bar! "Now the booze where you are..." Wink