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Sky Arts

I do prefer the new logo, when compared to the old. It's got a splash of colour which makes it stand out that little bit more.

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Sky News' Stand Up & Be Counted

What are your thoughts on Sky News' latest initiative to get the thoughts of the news from a young teenagers perspective?

I think, from having already checked out the SUBC website (https://standup.news.sky.com/app/), it's quite nice to see a major news broadcaster have a dedicated focus on young peoples views and opinions too; Although I'm sure Sky already did, and others do, but perhaps not to this extent, especially when they've grasped social media, and the need for the youngsters of today to get their points head - after all, they are the next generation!

What will be interesting is to see the content online, and how that then gets put to air - will they have a separate programme called 'Stand Up, Be Counted' that airs half-hour or hourly on a weekly basis, or simply merge their views, thoughts and opinions into topics that adult viewers (Me and you), are already discussing?

One of the big points of this, and the reason why I think they've launched it around this time, is to get their thoughts on politics, what with the Scottish Referendum just around the corner, and of course the next General Elections not too far away either.

Good concept, it will be interesting to see how it pans out. It's like a more grown up 'Newsround'.