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Philip Cobbold
Bail posted:
Just to confirm, I assume it's everyone seeing Ads between posts?

I am.
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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

dvboy posted:
Jon posted:
Both Charles Ingram’s episodes were turned into one shown on the Saturday that first episode would have aired, without Charles Ingram.

I see, so they were recorded on 9th and 10th September and were due to air the following Saturday 15th and Tuesday 18th?

The million pound cheque was dated 18th September, so presumably they dated them for the planned date of broadcast.

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Broadcasting House, Salford Quays & TVC

It's a shame they haven't replaced the signage with something like the original 60s lettering. It would have suited the retro look they've gone for in, rather than leaving the Gill Sans one, just because it happened to be there.