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Have you been in a TV audience?

I saw the Weakest Link at TVC with Anne Robinson. Scary how she switched on and off the act of putting the contestants down but she was lovely to us watching.

I was surprised how small the studio really was in relation to the set and how the music was playing really really quietly in the background during the rounds.

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Saturday Night Takeaway 2021

So due to one selfish audience member, who would have been clearly told (numerous times I expect) not to have your TV on during the broadcast, just could not follow a clear simple instruction and causes all the highlighted sound issues.

Seriously! All this just because 1 person/family could not follow a simple instruction. I want my TV on so I will do what I want, even though I've been clearly told not to put it on. It's all about ME,ME,ME with some people.
It's like those who walk around with their nose sticking out of their mask....

Tad over the top. Someone made a mistake. Get over it.