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New BBC Local Radio jingles

I’m grateful that London finally has the new package. However, I very much dislike the voices chosen.

The female voice that says “Play BBC Radio London” can barely be heard and the words seem congealed together, plus the male voice that says “The Sound of London... is BBC Radio London” is not strong or authoritative enough.

I wonder who the people that say 'play Radio Somewhere' are? They're obviously all from the area the station broadcasts to due to the accents, but wonder if they're members of the public or someone at the station who sounds the part

Cumbria’s is one of the station’s presenters.

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Paul T

BBC regional news - Now with added Reith

A night time version of NWT’s titles just tweeted by Roger Johnson

The NWT titles this lunchtime were definitely the best of the bunch. Using drone shots exclusively looks much better than the mishmash of drone shots and people awkwardly getting up to things that other regions have used. These nightime versions are even better.

The North West ones also have a different list of places with each shot (one for each county plus IOM). An attention to detail I’ve not seen on the other regions which have the same list of places on the ring throughout.