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Coronavirus | Television News Coverage

I think Shaun could be the new Simon. Not expecting him to replicate all the on-air lols and hi-jinx, but he has a warmth and informality about him in the best traditions of the BBC. (And appears to be somewhat ego-less which is a rarity in the world of TV news, where reporters and presenters now post incessant pictures of themselves on Insta. I think we know huw- sorry who- I’m talking about).

Shaun Ley is excellent but why does he need to be the new Simon? Why can't he just be Shaun lol?

He could be Shaun Lol, but Shaun Ley is a more appropriate name for a newsreader.
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Good Morning Britain

Just don’t spend the rest of your career complaining you haven’t got work or a ‘falling through the cracks’ for government handouts.

Just as an aside, the #ExcludedUK don't want "handouts". As taxpayers, they just want the same financial support from the government that's been afforded to everyone else.