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Sky News | October 2019 Onwards

Makes little sense as it’s on a FTA channel. Probably will come back during the inauguration and around big events like The State of the Union.

I agree in that it doesn't need to be simulcast live every week, but I should point out CNBC is only on on satellite and cable, so Freeview (terrestrial) viewers can only watch it when it's shown on Sky News.

So with that I agree that Sky News could make better use of their evening/overnight hours by repeating Meet the Press at a later time.

In fact I would argue there's merit for using their weekday overnight hours to air other (C)NBC programming, such as Nightly News which is also currently on CNBC, or/and The News with Shep Smith which we only see when CNBC has a gap in the schedule. For example Nightly News could easily fit in to the 12:30am slot they repeat the press preview in.

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BBC One Breakdown

Asa posted:
It's up there with The Family Brain Games nightmare from a couple of years ago. Makes you wonder just how easy it is to wrestle any kind of control back from the automation (assuming that's what's gone wrong).

Speaking from experience, it's not easy.

If it's the automation or playout server that's gone haywire you're usually very stuck as modern TX suites have limited options that don't involve them, minus a hard cut on the router to a fault slide or a live/backup source if one is available.

It's very unusual for this to happen however as automation systems and playout servers usually run with a fully seperate backup copy for redundancy, so if the 'A' chain goes down the 'B' one should still be operational.

If it's not the automation with the problem it can be hard to change and override the playlist last minute. They're very rigid in that they will run exactly what they're programmed to run, so when you're in a panic trying to quickly put in new 'events' to get your channel back on air it's very easy to accidentaly type in an invalid code or time which results in it rejecting and skipping over the event or cutting to a frozen image, as happened here. This is especially the case if a less experienced operator is the one manning playout.

I've had a few occasions where channels have fallen off air while I've been operating the playout, and had to resign myself to the fact I'm going to be stuck with a frozen image or bars going out for a couple mins while I try to reprogram the automation and sort it. I've also had a few occasions where my rush to correct it and hit 'play next' has resulted in me screwing it up and making it worse.