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BBC Scotland - the launch

The question of bias is a difficult one because the Westminster briefings certainly did swerve into party political broadcast territory at times, as mentioned above. The few Holyrood ones I've seen seem to have avoided this - though I'll leave judgement on that to others further north than me - but the tension between Holyrood and Westminster is newsworthy and central to how this emergency is being handled. I wonder if the worry is that there is no analysis on BBC Scotland - the programme just ends when the briefing is finished - so there is no opportunity to put what viewers have just seen in context in the lead-up to elections there.

Stupid decision, though, especially with the second wave starting. Good to see the tradition of the BBC punching itself in the face continuing under the new boss.

Wonder if STV could sacrifice Loose Women (maybe call in a favour down south an ask for it to be shown on ITV2) and an hour of ads to grab the moral high ground.

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Alastair Stewart to leave ITV News.

It's very sad. Twitter can make fools of even the sharpest, most intelligent people. A lot of people in broadcasting need to reassess their relationship with it. (A lot of people, full stop, need to reassess their relationship with it.)

If you're someone with a 40-year career at the top of television, what on earth are you doing getting into a public row with someone nobody's heard of? And then doing it in such a way that causes needless (if accidental) offence to that person?

It's just very sad to see a career end like this.