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…and finally

Always curious to ask this, NickyS: did Clarence Mitchell ever buy you a beer? Nice to see you here.

🤣 no comment lol. You have a very good memory.

Is your last minute appearance on News 24 anywhere to view online?

Luckily its so long ago I think it missed being put on YouTube. I do have a VHS copy somewhere with the talk back track with a very very calm director when the autocue operator said the words "no presenter". 51 seconds later I was broadcasting to the world with no earpiece and certainly no make up or jacket!

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NickyS Founding member

…and finally

Pete posted:
Greggles, NickyS he appeared on news 24 I’m sure.

Ah, I'd forgotten about NickyS. I assume it was via here that he sent out some 'save BBC Three News' wristbands, from when wristbands were a thing and BBC Three News was being axed. (I've since discovered that he sends a bunch of branded tat to friends and colleagues at Christmas so has form with such things).

He's also one of the small number of forum members I've met - I think almost all have been in a work context and I haven't necessarily always outed myself as being on here!


Wow that picture brought back some memories ... especially in the week that we got the news BBC Three was coming back on TV.
So yes I used to post a lot on TVF and can only echo the other comments that Asa is a legend and it will be sad to see it all end.
And yes I know quite a few TV insiders who would/do post on here. It was often quite hard not to post some info on something I knew but drop a few hints instead. I have not posted in a while as since BBC Three ended on TV 5 years ago I've been working in radio ... instead of 60seconds it's BBC Minute now. (Ask your smart speaker or look on BBC Sounds/ Spotify for us.)
But have to again end by thanking Asa for everything and to everyone who has posted over the years - its been fun to read.