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NBC/MSNBC keep playing a clip from Civilization a show I think in 1961 where the host says to the extent “I don’t know how to define it but I can when I see it” with Norte Dame in the back ground

I think you mean the BBC’s landmark 1969 documentary series, it’s rather demeaning to refer to it as a ‘show’ and for it to have a ‘host’ !

Don't be so ridiculous. Show, documentary, programme.... same old argument. Yawn.
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BBC News (UK) presentation - Reith launch onwards

The most annoying one is the UK World simulcast.

"This is BBC News with the latest headlines for viewers in the UK and around the world"

Where else are you? On Mars?

Then it's repeated:
"Hello and welcome if you are watching in the UK or around the world - do stay with us for the latest news and analysis from here and across the globe"

Thanks for that. I wonder why I tuned into the news channel...

I've wanted someone to post this for so long. Totally agree. It's actually ridiculous.

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Twenty Years of the Thunderclaps

This video compilation could almost pass as authentic.

I believe bail was involved.