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Eurovision 2021 - Netherlands - NPO/AVROTROS/NOS

They answered this point is their FAQs, saying that it is because doing this wouldn't allow a full year to plan next year's contest.

Though they could speed up the process for next year if they did a later one this year. They could also do a scaled down one next year or re-use the same stage/venue as a previous year because of it (or a smaller existing one). The rules I think allow another country to do the show if the winning country can't (or in this case, if they possibly can't in time).

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Doctor Who

I haven't heard anything it being shown in cinemas, but since cinemas are more and more digital these days, it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that they're capable of showing native 25p/50i material. .

I think the reason for the different frame rates could be that episode 1 of Series 8 will also be shown in some cinemas but the other episodes won't:

But still it's a TV show and 99.999% of people are going to see it on a TV screen not a cinema screen, so should cinema compatibility really have affected the shooting frame rate? Shouldn't they have just slowed it down 4% for the small number of cinemas showing episode 1 (if they can't handle the 25 fps)?

Mine showed the Wimbledon final live last year in 3D, which was certainly a 50i source

For the 2011 3D Wimbledon for cinema release the BBC said it was converted to 720p60 "for projector compatibility worldwide".