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Doctor Who (2018 onwards)

Doctor Who usually have an opening sequence before the titles. I wonder if all the episode will start with the titles?

It seems to be harking back to the classic series with the titles themselves so I imagine it’s a decision they’ve made on purpose to have no pre-titles sequence similar to the classic series (mostly).

I can't determine if that's a good thing or not.

I think it's just a thing, neither good nor bad.

Unlike this week's episode which was excellent, one of the best stories they've ever done.

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BBC3. The future

I have no interest in politics at all - so hands up if my understanding isn't correct.

If you care about the BBC...
...or the NHS
... or the pension you'll get when you retire
... or the benefits you may or may not get if you are ill, disabled or unable to get a job for a long time
... or 101 other things about how life works in this country,

then you really need to have at least some awareness of politics.