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The Demon Headmaster was an excellent series, both new and old, but I don’t think it fits into CBBC very well. I think they may agree with this, considering the show didn’t even get a show page on the website.

The presence (or lack of) of a show page doesn't mean anything.
And it does have a webpage, albeit just the generic one that everything gets:

Anyway considering they've put His Dark Materials onto the CBBC Shows page, considering that's far darker (and I dare say more "grown up") than any incarnation of Demon Headmaster from any of the adaptations to date, I wouldn't say the Show page is completely authoritative of the output of the channel.
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The song used in Thames final montage

The song's been covered multiple times, Dusty Springfield had a hit with it initially but yes, the version in the Thames Talent montage is the one by The Tourists (Annie Lennox on vocals):

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ITV presentation refresh in the New Year

For someone who's big on branding, there's a rather curious reference to "ITV 1" at 11:02. Could it be that the January revamp will see the reintroduction of ITV 1 branding?

I wouldn't read too much into that. I've heard the main channel referred to as ITV1 internally to differentiate from the rest of the group.

I can hear the future conversations now… "We have ITV2, 3 and 4, but no ITV1. We call it ITV1, so why isn't it called ITV1?"

Hmm, 2019 ITV1.
2030 "Let's go back to ITV as ITV1 has failed".
2036 "I fancy ITV1 again."
2050 "Nah, ITV1 failed again, let's go back (again) to ITV."
2055 "ITV for our 100th birthday, let's go back to ITV1 next year."

Rinse and repeat.