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Barker and Corbett never saw themselves as a double act. They kept their seperate careers whilst working together so when Barker did retire Corbett still worked which led him to star in Extras and and even work with Ben Elton (although I have to say I didn't find Sorry to be funny. Barker's solo career was much better IMO) unlike Ernie Wise who effectively faded away after Eric Morecambe's death in 1984.

What I was going to write in my previous post was that Morecambe & Wise only really worked as the double act, which was something that The Two Ronnies didn't "suffer" from, as you say they were independent and could work away from each other if needs be. Ernie Wise had to reinvent his career after Eric Morecambe died, and that was through What's My Line and guest appearances on other shows like Countdown, theatre work and writing and various other "get what you can" gigs, including an appearance on Rainbow in 1989.

Corbett wrote in "And Its Goodnight From Him" in 2007 that Barker was so ill when they made "The Two Ronnies Scrapbook" in 2005 that he (Barker) performed all his links for the six part series in 1 day as well as recording the christmas version in 1 day.

Yes that had to be cobbled together quickly and the Christmas special was recorded in July as Barker wasn't in the best of health at the time, but he was determined to get the Christmas special done, even if he didn't live to see it himself.

Oh and just for the record in the great debate over which was the better double act. I choose the the Ronnies.

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APFS: Afternoon Programmes Follow Shortly Discussion

Ah, back in the the days then Billy when you couldn't just apply an off-the-shelf filter to your pictures and video to get the VHS look, you had to do it manually. The modern filter is basically crap compared to the reality of video and much like the distinctive EMI Camera look of the 1970s, its hard to recreate that "look" from a modern starting point - its just not the same.

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ITV presentation refresh in the New Year

For someone who's big on branding, there's a rather curious reference to "ITV 1" at 11:02. Could it be that the January revamp will see the reintroduction of ITV 1 branding?

I wouldn't read too much into that. I've heard the main channel referred to as ITV1 internally to differentiate from the rest of the group.

I can hear the future conversations now… "We have ITV2, 3 and 4, but no ITV1. We call it ITV1, so why isn't it called ITV1?"

Hmm, 2019 ITV1.
2030 "Let's go back to ITV as ITV1 has failed".
2036 "I fancy ITV1 again."
2050 "Nah, ITV1 failed again, let's go back (again) to ITV."
2055 "ITV for our 100th birthday, let's go back to ITV1 next year."

Rinse and repeat.