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If it wasn't for Discovery being one of the backers of this set-up and Andrew Neil coming on board, Arise News would have sprung to mind.

I don't share TheSebastian's enthusiasm for the channel catching up with Sky News at least on a linear level. It may make some headway with the target audience online with clips on social media where those who are ardent pro-Brexit and anti-mask have thrived.

However despite who they're targeting, it'll be interesting to see if GB News can make the talkRADIO editorial style of news into the mainstream as competition for Sky News and the NC or if it'll be another RT, where it has a niche audience of anti-establishment and conspiracy theorist viewers who take in the editorial that suits the Russian Government perspective.

If former BBC/ITV regional reporter Anna Brees gets a gig on GB (she's been a guest on RT on occasion), who has rebranded herself as giving herself a voice to those the supposed MSM don't give one too, such as conspiracy theorists (especially anti maskers) and alleged victims of child abuse by celebs or in homes in the 60s/70s/80s, we may get an idea of where they're going. The journalist has also been given a pasting on Private Eye.

So long as a certain youtuber whom I shall henceforth refer to as Voldemort doesn't get a slot then GB News are in with a shout.

Why even bring him up, you’re obsessed

I’m sure you could shoe horn a mention in every thread, maybe he could get a cameo on Corrie, or do an act on BGT or be really creative and design an ITV ident

It was a joke for God’s sake!

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Caroline Flack has died

Don't know if this is the right place but reading about Caroline Flack has made me think again about how we all have our problems. We may look to the outside world that we have it all but inside we have our problems, our issues and our troubles. We'll never know what was going through her mind but the fact that she chose to take her own life shows that she didn't feel she had a choice. Last year I decided to get help and I'm so glad I did. What I'm saying is this. Whatever you're going through you don't have to go through it alone. RIP Caroline xxx