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27 September 2006
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TV system(s)
Digital Terrestrial (Freeview/TopUpTV)
Recording system(s)
DVD Recorder, Freeview Recorder, VCR (VHS)
Favourite channel
Tyne Tees
Favourite ident/brand
ATV Network
Favourite programmes
Coronation Street , EastEnders , Crossroads , Sky News , BBC News , Pebble Mill , Good Morning Britain , Family Fortunes , The Muppet Show , This Morning , Good Morning , Noel's House Party , Celebrity Squares , The Crystal Maze , Benny Hill , M&W , Tommy Cooper Show , Stanley Baxter Show , Larry Grayson , Dick Emery Show
If you could record any event in television history, what would it be?
  • Antony Cotton and Piers Morgan finally realising they have the talent of a sprout.

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