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EuronewsNBC coming in September

Following the Strasbourg attack, Euronews English has been live for over an hour - instead of the loop of repeats of Euronews Tonight and Raw Politics, Euronews Tonight is putting out rolling news.

Euronews German and French are showing No Comment Live, dipping in and out of Euronews English with live translation.

Tesa Arcilla, presenter of Raw Politics, was caught up in the incident, being in the lockdown area of the city centre.

So this seems to confirm that although the normal schedule involves a repeated loop of programmes, there's a team on standby to react in such instances.
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After a long time, I wanted to say thanks for all the well-wishers. It was a difficult time, and glad some cover was found to keep the site during November/December.

I have been running the site on my own since the beginning of the year while waiting for some treatment for an ongoing long-term health condition, which is likely to have been a contributing factor in me being so ill last year. We all know how stretched the health service is, so there have been delays. On a positive note, this has enabled me to cover some big events recently, which I didn't think I was going to be able to cover. On a less than positive note, it is likely I will have to scale back the news service once treatment happens - I've been holding back that news while waiting to hear what happens next with me. In the meantime, I have started (very slowly) to go through the backlog of site amendments and adjustments: most notably from a user's viewpoint, the switch to https earlier in March, although old links with http:// in the address will still work.