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BBC News: Presenters, correspondent & rotas

AlexS posted:
If they were going to do any of this, starting with Saturday’s might be a good bet, as the bulletins tend to be short and fairly run of the mill, and often get thrown all over the schedule, particularly the teatime one.

Sunday’s bulletins are longer and tend to be more meaty, particularly the Sunday Ten, so I can’t imagine and obscure News Channel presenter hosting that

If anything starting with Sunday's may be easier because (in normal times) Sunday evenings are Martine 9 times out of 10 whereas Saturdays are just about anyone with no regular pattern.

Not really, Martine didn't do any Sundays in August

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BBC World News

Maybe I was a being a bit petty, I agree. But I don’t like my weeks and months of hard work being undermined by a throwaway comment. Let’s leave it here now.

Did that image take "weeks and months of hard work"? Don't see the connection between the image and your presenter counts