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BBC News nostalgia, including BBC World

Look at the studio design for the One and Six bulletins in 1989 - very basic sets, simple desk structure - the idea was the news was the main thing about the programme, not the set design.

I did enjoy the individual styles for each news bulletin back then - of course they decided to go all corporate and similar design from April 1993, meaning cost savings by using one main set in one studio.

It is an era of news presentation which has gone and will never be back sadly. Thankfully we always have YouTube and the superb TV Ark to remind us of this era which has thrown into the dustbin of broadcasting history.

To be fair, it was also an era when the concept of rolling news, advanced graphics packages, and the ability to tell stories in different, engaging ways was a far-stretch.

I appreciate the difference. Some might say the set designs of the 80s were drab, for example. For me, I see it as no bad thing that set design has changed as it signifies a change in the way that news is delivered. No longer - thankfully - is it a case of news being imparted. Instead, the 'consumer' is afforded a window in on a news operation, being told stories in a way that is consciously different and which treats them as informed viewers. I have to say, I am rather revealing my own attitudes that news of the 80s tended to border on the condescending and ever so slightly elitist.

All of this said, news is still (largely speaking) delivered from behind a desk, with reports, live two-ways, summaries, and a clear structure so it does make you question whether it's really (really) come that far...
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BBC Breakfast - 16th July onwards

I wasn't meaning to sound offensive. I just meant the programme shouldn't be so in your face about the fact it's now based in the North.

I mean, it is quite offensive isn't it.

A whole plank of the BBC's (much needed) approach has been to move out of London. Arguably there has never been a more important time to stress the regional strengths of the BBC. Having a major media centre in the North is an asset that should be shouted about more, if you ask me.