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BBC Network news - no longer relevant for the nations?

I'm in two minds about this. As someone who favours Scottish independence, I can see the merits (particularly in this almost unique circumstance).

That said, I do think this is kind of retrofitting a constitutional (political) problem that is not of the BBC's making. Arguably, we are still one country and, as such, a national news programme is required. I think editorially the fact that there was a focus on England, in one instance, isn't a problem per se.

That said, to avoid the 'poor relation' I do wonder about some of the coverage. Regulations are vastly different in different parts and whilst there is a tendency to report change I do think it's helpful for those in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to also see the continuities in their area.

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BBC Breakfast - 16th July onwards

I wasn't meaning to sound offensive. I just meant the programme shouldn't be so in your face about the fact it's now based in the North.

I mean, it is quite offensive isn't it.

A whole plank of the BBC's (much needed) approach has been to move out of London. Arguably there has never been a more important time to stress the regional strengths of the BBC. Having a major media centre in the North is an asset that should be shouted about more, if you ask me.