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Latest post in Channel 4 pre-1993 regional opt outs

My recollection is of Channel 4 coming to Reigate around the end of January 1985. We were never supposed to get Channel 5 at all on analogue but they squeezed that one in in 2003.

Yes, very odd for C5 to be investing in new analogue transmitters, 5 years after digital platforms had launched.

They added Reigate, Hastings, Brighton, and Tunbridge Wells. Guildford was on the list too, but never happened because they couldn't get clearance for using UHF Ch 36 (still being used for radar at a couple of airfields, though the big one at Heathrow had ceased in the 90s I think)
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Did the BBC 2 Test Card ever have the 1986 "TWO" ident?

I can't answer why, as I waasn't in TVC, and would have gone home when the OU started (if BBC 1 was on a film and then closedown or had already closed for the night).
I would have thought that the TCF crate would have been referenced to station syncs, as would the NC 2 mixer and the OU continuity,
So even a matrix switch shouldn't create too much of a disturbance - maybe the VHS recordings of the time are exaggerating the effect of the reduced delay as the mixer is switched out of circuit.

It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that the crate was lashed up somewhere else, with no genlock.

I turned up at an ITV station, that will remain nameless, to discover a 1 inch C Format VTR that was playing out pre complied ad breaks, sat on a box, with its cables strung across the floor.

If you think the technical areas of any broadcaster is always all neat and tidy, and looks like the Starship Enterprise's engine room, think again. (They all start off like that at about a week before acceptance testing, but after that it's all downhill)

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What was your favorite regional ITV station growing up?

I am here to ask you a simple question:
What was your favorite regional ITV station you grew up watching back in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and the early 2000s (before regionalism got quashed by the likes of Carlton/Granada)?

For me, it was Central since I live in the East Midlands. .

Isn't the question self evident?

It's like asking what was your favourite local corner shop?